About Bobbi Bear

Operation Bobbi Bear is a human rights organisation committed to helping sexually abused children in Amanzimtoti, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.


A “Bobbi Bear” is a non-threatening means (toy) for child victims of sexual abuse to communicate the nature of the abuse, crossing all language barriers and preventing secondary abuse at the point of rescue.


It provides a better understanding of actual events and enables the initiation of appropriate HIV and AIDS interventions.


Our success rate is testament to our organisation’s training programmes. We rescue and provide safe homes for abused children, work with the criminal justice system to prosecute perpetrators, educate individuals and communities, and much, much more.

Aunty…is this enough to give you to be my mommy forever, so that no-one can take me away here? You can have it all, here it’s for you.
Just when my soul is tired and I wonder what all the answers are, I get this type of question. How can my heart not break into a million little pieces, how can I even answer that? I hold his little hands in mine and tell him to save his coins, I look into his eyes and I see a teardrop. All the children at school made mother’s day cards – he did too, even though he does not have a mommy, I guess he thought maybe a child can buy a mom. I wrap my arms tightly around him and tell him the truth, I can never be his mommy, but I can always be his “Gran” and I will love and care for him. I do not make any promises nor do I lie to him. I explain that we cannot buy a mom or a dad but Grans are special and they are “free” and because we are old, our hearts are very big to allow us to love lots and lots of children; I do promise him that I will always make sure he is loved and cared for. He cuddles into me obviously content with the fact that a “Gran” is going to be just as o.k. We quietly sit like that for what seems to be a long time and I feel him relax as a tear falls onto my hand. I hug him tighter and simply tell him I love him and he is a very special little boy. I look at these little people and my heart aches for each and every one of them, they so deserve all the love and care that we are able to provide and I hope his coin collection grows and he can eventually buy something he likes now that he has accepted that he does not need to buy a mommy.
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Good Luck our music man… Bradley Downs as you close your chapter at Bobbi Bear today after 7 years, you will leave your footprints in our hearts forever. It is a very sad day for us as a team and the children you have so passionately helped in your time here. We are heartbroken to have to say goodbye to you today as you start a new and exciting chapter in your life, but we understand. We have so much love and gratitude for the years you dedicated your entire life to your work here, the love, patience, dedication and passion daily is something we will never forget. Our world has to be the most challenging; you grabbed it with both hands, never complaining. You held more broken and beaten children in your arms than most young men your age, you worked with death, rape, abuse, violence, yet in every situation you always had so much love and empathy. You survived our dark world; you can only be successful in your new career. Brad we will never forget your role as part of our “family” and we cannot help but shed some tears as you leave today. We will miss you terribly. As you strum the last “gig” for the little people today, never forget what a difference you made to so many thousands of children over the years, the smiles and playful gestures to get them through their trauma, never forget that you changed every little person’s life that walked through our doors, you gave them dignity. Never forget that you were their “uncle Brad”. You warmed the hearts of every staff member that you worked with and you were never judgmental in your daily decisions. You laughed, cried, fed the starving, took your own clothes to warm the poor, you even carried the weak on your back….. Brad what you did will never be forgotten. Always carry these beautiful memories with you, they will keep you focused and you can be so proud that not many men your age dedicated so much love caring for others. Abby - thank you for your patience at being a Bobbi Bear “single”, never having your man around and always doing things on your own. May the two of you finally start having a “proper” relationship now as a couple; Abby, we always appreciated your sacrifices too, you are an angel and Brad is a man in a million. Brad, “Good-bye” is just too final because we know we will see you again, so all the best and every bit of success as your new chapter starts – you will always remain a part of our family and loved by every single person whose life you changed. Thank you for the years you so selflessly gave Bobbi Bear, thank you for being the man you are - we will never forget our “music man”. Thank you for putting the music in our lives. We are going to miss you terribly and will always remember your laughter. ... See MoreSee Less

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We need your help

Operation Bobbi Bear makes a true difference to the lives of thousands of children, families and communities.

We need your help to fight child abuse and expand our reach into more communities on a larger scale.

Please help by donating or finding out about one of our training programmes or volunteer opportunities.

Key Facts


Number of children reached since 2008


Children reached per month


Survivors of abuse attending HIV clinics


Court appearances in support of abused children

30 – 40

Callouts per month


Children fed every month under the Illovo Tree Programme



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Buys an Emergency
Rescue Bag

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Bobbi Bear

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