bobbi bear team by fire truck

Fire Department Training

The Fire Department comes to help Bobbi Bear

 fire and rescue

031 – 361 0000 Fire Department

A number we will never forget –

After the unfortunate incident that the Bobbi Bear staff members experienced last week, where a military grade flare ignited in our workshop, we made one phone call to Amanzimtoti Fire Department and urgently requested their assistance.

How did it get there?

We get a donations from the community every day. People stop by all the time to drop off old clothes or toys, or any boxes they’re clearing from their garage etc. This was a box that had been in someones garage for a while and they didn’t look through it before they brought it to Bobbi Bear. We always go through the boxes and bags of donations to see what is good to use and what isn’t. In this case, the flare ignited in the box and caused a fire.

The Panic.

What an absolute eye opener. As a team we panicked, we also had very little knowledge on fires. Even though we have fire extinguishers all round the premises, in the moment we felt lost as to what to do.

We urge all community members who have staff, children, old people, animals, in fact anyone to learn more, make your staff aware of how to handle a fire, what to do and what not to do. Click here for a list of emergency numbers in the Ethekwini region 

The Fire Department

To Mitch and his team a very humble thank you for taking the time out to come and give us some training, we all learned so much and we realized just how little we actually knew on how to handle a situation that could have turned into a major disaster. These men and woman simply do not run around with some hoses and water, they put their own lives on the line daily, and the knowledge they have can benefit every single community member. Thank you for the training and your patience in answering all our questions. A complete new respect for these men and woman from Team Bobbi Bear. God Bless and keep you safe.

bobbi bear team by fire truck