Bobbi Bear Story, Service of Others

The Bobbi Bear Story: In Service of Others

In Service of Others. I was born in South Africa and soon came face to face with the loss of a loved one after my father died in 1976 in a car accident. My mother joined him in 1987 after losing the battle against cancer. I have three brothers and four sisters.

My son is 21 years old and he is working as an assistant manager at a meat market. My son’s father passed away in 2001 from throat cancer and I have not re-married.

I had been trained as an HIV/AIDS counsellor before I joined Operation Bobbi Bear permanently from previously working as a lecturer in a private nursing institution and doing house visits as part of Philisani projects.

I was invited to attend a conference in Johannesburg, where I was first introduced to Bobbi Bear operation. My previous interest in Bobbi Bear came from my experience in HIV/AIDS and helped me become a child safety officer tasked with training the participants in all matters pertaining to the disease. After my first day, my performance was complimented and after some time training in the nursing school, I was asked to start work permanently at Bobbi Bear in a dramatic manner – being called into the director’s office with no notice of what was to be discussed.

At the end of my first year at Bobbi Bear, I was asked to counsel the rape victims, a position in which I was successful and felt like I contributed to helping people overcome some truly terrible experiences. I was then chosen to be the Head trainer for all Child Safety Officers at Operation Bobbi Bear – an offer which I gladly accepted. After getting the right professional qualifications I am now very happy to call myself a trainer at Operation Bobbi Bear.


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