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Operation Bobbi Bear is a human rights organisation committed to helping sexually abused children in Amanzimtoti, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.


A “Bobbi Bear” is a non-threatening means (toy) for child victims of sexual abuse to communicate the nature of the abuse, crossing all language barriers and preventing secondary abuse at the point of rescue.


It provides a better understanding of actual events and enables the initiation of appropriate HIV and AIDS interventions.


Our success rate is testament to our organisation’s training programmes. We rescue and provide safe homes for abused children, work with the criminal justice system to prosecute perpetrators, educate individuals and communities, and much, much more.

Brad, Inge and I sit in a dark lonely place, rain softly falling on the car windows, waiting to get a mom and her two small children to the next leg of their journey to safety, all I can do is pray that the man who stays intoxicated and then abuses them won't find us before we can get them away.
I look at this young mother, wearing a hat because she has chunks of hair missing that was pulled out by him, and the two little ones clinging to her. I wonder what is going through the minds of these precious children. I look
at the hands of the little one holding a torn broken story book, the only item she could call her own and I look away as the tears well up in my eyes.
They have lived in the most horrific conditions and survived on polony sandwiches because according to him there is no money. I try and calculate what a six bottles of beer and cigarettes cost a day and my mind simply
cannot figure out how there can never be any money to feed the children and the dogs he dragged around with him. It is almost 22h30, we have been busy with this since 08h00 this morning, and we are still waiting for her to be
picked up and taken to safety - finally the lift we arranged arrives and we get them to safety. I am at peace knowing the children were bathed, fed and warmly dressed and that where they are going, they will be safe and for once
they can be children and have the freedom to play. Again we would like to thank our team who are simply never too tired when needed, the Toti SPCA, who fix the broken animals, for their kind assistance with the dogs and most importantly you our friends who donate and assist us. Every item you drop off is so appreciated. A mommy and two children left our care today, with clean clothes, toys and food for the road, and dignity, we simply could not do this without you. I know the
angels will protect them from here on.
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We need your help

Operation Bobbi Bear makes a true difference to the lives of thousands of children, families and communities.

We need your help to fight child abuse and expand our reach into more communities on a larger scale.

Please help by donating or finding out about one of our training programmes or volunteer opportunities.

Key Facts


Number of children reached since 2008


Children reached per month


Survivors of abuse attending HIV clinics


Court appearances in support of abused children

30 – 40

Callouts per month


Children fed every month under the Illovo Tree Programme



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Buys an Emergency
Rescue Bag

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Bobbi Bear

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Helps to pay a
Child Safety Officer

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