Pastor gets 5 Life Sentences for Rape

“Pastor” sentenced for raping 5 children

Thokozani Mvalelwa, A self professed “pastor” on the south coast of Durban- Port Shepstone was recently handed 5 life sentences for the rape of 5 children under the age of 12.
He lured them into his home, with promises of chips and money in exchange for sexual favors.

Abused in groups

He would often abuse them in groups, raping one and making the others watch.
The youngest child was 3 when he raped her and left her scarred and extremely traumatized.
Whenever she drifts off she wakes up screaming with visions of the pastor raping her.

Working with the Police

We worked together with Const. Magubane from Port Shepstone FCS (family violence, child protection and sexual offenses unit) and were able to get the children ready to testify.
The “pastor” ended up pleading guilty so the children didn’t have to testify in the end, which eased some trauma for them, but not much.
Constable Magubane’s displayed passion and professionalism throughout the case.
She picked them up and dropped them off for counseling sessions as well as court and made sure their families have been up to date with what was happening with the case.
It’s such a pleasure to work with such passionate people in the department.

Kanki Mosoetsa (left), advocate for the NPA, praises investigating officer Constable Nurse Magubane (middle) and Mildred Sbo of Operation Bobbi Bear, a human rights organisation committed to helping sexually abused children

Bobbibear still has a lot of work to do.

Bobbibear has been counseling the children for the past few months.
We’ve been working with the bear with them, and working with their families.
The children will continue to receive counselling until they feel they can cope and are ready to move on.
A support group is being set up to empower the children and enable them to share coping strategies of their own.
These are the first steps towards wholeness for the children.
Bobbibear is doing everything we can to make sure they have the best chance possible to heal.
So they may be able to step out into the world one day, stronger and prepared to achieve their dreams.