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Community Spirit Helped Us Through 2017

Our Passion Brought us Here, Our Community keeps us Going!


As the Bobbi Bear team reflects on this past roller coaster year, we are torn between so many different emotions. Our community is such a cornerstone of who we are and why we do what we do.

Between us as a team we rescued hundreds of children and also held many dying children in our arms. We attended their funerals and were devastated that yet another child died so cruelly.

Bobbi Bear looked into the eyes of raped and abused children who were left alone and shattered by what had happened to them, left in a world of pain and confusion.

We held them tight- hugged and comforted them through the long lonely nights. In the police stations, hospitals and places of safety until they managed to fall asleep. Then we went home and cried ourselves to sleep.

Bobbi Bear also shared their happy moments- we walked with them along their long journey towards healing and wholeness. We saw them playing games and being children again. We worked seven days a week to make sure that every case we touched had a successful or at least a positive outcome.


Bobbi Bear at Christmas

Community Spirit

The Community Stepped Up To Make A Difference


We are not the heroes…each and every one of you who assisted us, came to volunteer, who stopped at our gate to donate or just give us a hug and some kind words of encouragement, you are the true heroes. We could not have got through this past year without you. To you- our community, and all our friends locally and overseas, we say a very humble THANK YOU…

We can do the ground work but we cannot do it alone. We truly appreciate the love and support from each and every one of you. You keep us functional on the days we get despondent with all the trauma around us. You keep us motivated. Every item of clothing or bit of food that you donate goes to helping the children and community. EVERY BIT HELPS.

Thank you. On behalf of the children we serve, God bless each and every one of you. The Bobbi Bear team.


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