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The Bobbi Bear Support Group for Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Every Saturday morning Bobbi Bear sees all child victims from the previous weeks’ cases at the Bobbi Bear centre for various forms of therapy with the councillors or in-house Psychologists. This is an on-going programme throughout the year and gives victims of rape, sexual abuse and any other form of violence the chance to get together and speak about their trauma. This is a free service to our child victims and their families.

The Child Safety Officers also do a lot of court prep work where victims are shown in our mini court how the court case will proceed. It teaches them how the system works and builds them up to enable them once their court case starts, to testify and not be traumatised when they are facing their perpetrator. Many courts in fact refer cases to Bobbi Bear from different areas requesting the Bobbi Bear staff to assist them to get child victims “ready” for the court case where these children are often faced with years of appearing in court for their case.

Over the years it has been proved that children who are court prepped by Bobbi Bear testify far more openly than children who have not.

Debriefing and support is also offered separately to the children's parents or caregivers to enable them to cope more effectively and assist their children more effectively in healing.

This is also a very successful part of our work