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Jackie Branfield. Jackie Branfield is a maverick crusader, sometimes scorned by those who consider themselves "more professional" or even more spiritual. But Jackie Branfield says she simply doesn't have time to worry about what other people think of her. And it certainly doesn't matter to the many abused children and women and people living with AIDS who she has helped over the years.

Jackie Branfield realized that many children were having problems talking to the police or too scared to report the abuse. Because of this many crimes were not solved and the criminals got away with their violations. Jackie searched for a method that made communicating with the children easier and started using the teddy bear "Bobbi Bear". The children were able to communicate by drawing on the bear and using plasters to tell the story of what had happened to them. The bear is then sealed in an evidence bag and used in court, a crucial step for prosecuting and jailing the perpetrators preventing many more children from being abused.

With the support of her family her children and 2 adopted children Operation Bobbi Bear was founded and Jackie has proved that you don't need money or degrees to care about children, faith, compassion a large dose of justice and love is all you need!