the honour programme

The Bobbi Bear Honor Programme

In South Africa the resources for children are very limited and Bobbi Bear children have suffered a great deal of trauma in their lives. Most of our children have come from broken homes and communities or homes where they are being raped and/or abused by someone they love and trust. Some of these children are taken to a place of safety or foster parents. All our children come from different backgrounds and cultures. The Honor programme is a programme where children are now being regularly visited in their respected places of safety, to make sure that they are being looked after and not being traumatised and hurt further, to make sure that the child is in school and getting the necessary care and love that is needed.

Through the Honor Programme Bobbi Bear monitor the child to:

  • Assess their safety
  • Ensure they are cared for
  • Make sure they are going to a school
  • Ensure they are not receiving further trauma
  • Help them receive on going counselling and treatment.
  • Ensure they are prepped, available and accompanied to their court dates
  • Ensure that their physical and medical conditions are adhered to

BB will ensure that random checks are done to make sure that child can still be found wherever Social Services have placed them. One child can have a new Social worker every three months with different ideas of care. The Honor programme managed to track down a child who was placed in a Government Place of Safety by Social Services (Welfare), and then moved four times to various places, where no-one eventually knew where the child was or who was taking care of her.

Since the start of the Honor programme Bobbi Bear average up to 100 children per month and this will increase with growth. The children are placed within a 300km radius.